Acer Color Codes

The primary Acer brand colors are lime green and white.

Below you have all the color codes in different formats:

  • Pantone: it is a system that allows identifying colors for printing using a specific code.
  • RGB: the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is a color model used for digital designs.
  • CYMK: the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) is a color model used for printed designs.
  • HTML Hex: is a digital color model used mainly for Web design.

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Acer Logo

Acer Color Codes: Pantone, HTML Hex, RGB & CMYK

Lime Green

Hex Color: #83b81a;
RGB: (131,184,26)
CMYK: (55,6,100,0)


Hex Color: #ffffff;
RGB: (255,255,255)
CMYK: (0,0,0,0)

Acer Logo History

We all know the Acer logo when we see it but it has evolved over the years. Check out the video below and discover the different versions of the Acer logo throughout history.

How to Draw the Acer Logo?

We have already explained what colors Acer uses. If you want to learn how to draw the Acer logo, just watch the following video.

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